Friday, January 13, 2012

For The Birds

It's finally snowing here in upstate New York!!  I love winter and the coziness of staying inside with a nice fire as the snow falls outside.   Since I work at home, I situated my work space by this window which is great in all four seasons.

My sister P. gave me a "squirrel proof" bird feeder and I LOVE it!  It really works too...except the little chipmunks aren't heavy enough for it to close (they are hibernating now anyway).

It was busy outside the window today.  It was snowing and blowing and there was a lot of activity at the feeder.  I was able to take some pictures of my visitors. ( A little disclaimer-there is a screen on the window so I was taking pictures through that)

Here is my shy cardinal...He has shown up now and again over the past few months.  He's hiding in the cedars, but the chickadees are regulars and never shy.

Isn't he a beautiful guy? 

Gorgeous color with a beautiful mask and beak.

It was very windy about "ruffled feathers"!!

He came to the feeder...and the wind was blowing up his crown.  

My little Chickadee!!

This Blue Jay showed up for a quick snack and this was the only picture I could get.

SOMEBODY wanted to be outside, no matter how cold.  Our kitties live indoors...but they can dream, can't they?  Sorry can look but not touch!

The Mrs. stopped by as well...Isn't she so cute?

She spent quite a bit of time on top of the snowy cedars

I am so happy that it has finally snowed and that so many visitors took advantage of our feeder.  Do you get feathered visitors where you are?

Thank you for coming by for a peak out my winter window!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Downtown Abbey, Season II

As Laura Linney said..."Worth the wait"

Are you watching???  I just saw the first episode of Season II and am so tempted to order the dvd so I don't have to wait.  But alas, I will hold on and see it weekly!  Delicious anticipation...

 Are you rooting for Lady Mary and Matthew to be together?  I am, although I didn't like how she treated him in the beginning.

(I LOVE Hugh Bonneville)
World War I brought great changes to Europe and  Great Britain.  Downton Abbey reflects the changes in  social structure expedited by the war.  Things these upper class characters do would never have been considered doing before the war, they took on during it.  There were changes for the lower classes as well as it seems we will see unfolding.  The horrors of war are shown too .

Can't wait for next week!  (It's still loads of fun to see the way things were done, even in wartime)

Hope you are enjoying too!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

My husband and I are not New Year's Eve party people.  We're lucky if we make it to midnight (are we boring or what??).  BUT... New Year's Day we have one of my sisters and friends for dinner, including her college friend.  We've had them for dinner for a few years now.  So it's become a wonderful part of our holiday season. I decided to break out the Old Country roses.  I usually use these dishes for accent to my Royal Albert white Val D'Or.  Recently I have added to my collection and can set the table with mostly OCR.  I wanted to use holiday colors still...sort of a last hurrah.   And it certainly was colorful!!!

Pretty busy table, but I love lots of color!

I was happy to be able to use my Christmas centerpiece again

These cream soup bowls are Val D'Or.  Doesn't it look like the roses washed off OCR bowls????

I have loved this pattern for soooo long...

Too much holiday??  I don't think there is ever too much holiday...

Placecards with a cardinal.  They just say winter to me...

The bird's eye view of the whole place setting

Desserts were served on the buffet...

All sorts of desserts....

My sweet hubby is always outnumbered by women (he was taking the photo)

Somebody found a nice spot while dinner was going on...

But didn't like being awakened!!!  CRANKY CYRIL!

We had a full turkey dinner with all of the usual sides.  And there were desserts!!   We had so many that I sent some home with my sister, took some to work on my office day, threw cookies in the freezer, and  there is STILL trifle in the fridge!  Certainly not helpful for anyone's New Year's resolutions!! I am finally giving in and admitting that the holidays are over...

I wish everyone a wonderful, healthy, happy, and safe New Year!!!!
I love that you came by and please be sure to visit "Between Naps on the Porch"...Susan's button is up on the right and she hosts a wonderful tablescape party

Now for the dish on the dishes:
  • Of course...all of the Old Country Roses in my china cabinet-wedding gift and lots from ebay
  • Silverplate is Rathmore by Reed and Barton (my favorite)
  • Iced beverage glasses are Waterford Marquis-Brookside pattern from TJMaxx
  • Napkin rings-ebay
  • Placemats and runner-gift from DH's family