Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gifts from England

My husband is English and goes back periodically to visit family.   His mother lives not too far from Stoke-on-Trent (though I don't know how much china is still made there).  I haven't been able to convince him to go searching for OCR for me :-(  I guess that is a lot to ask!!

Anyway...he was there in May for a visit and, on his own, he brought me a beautiful tiered tray and his mother sent me a matching creamer and sugar bowl.  The pattern is based on wallpaper from the Victoria and Albert Museum and they are just beautiful!  I guess being surround by all of the china we have in the house has subliminally crept in somehow!!

Since it has been SOOOO hot this summer, not much baking has been going on here.  Because I wanted to try out a new size decorating tip, I bit the bullet and heated up the oven.  That gave me something to put on my tiered tray.  So here it is.  Thanks to my wonderful English husband and his generous Mum!

A little afternoon tea
The creamer and sugar bowl are just the cutest shape
The cabbage rose pattern is the perfect way to show off cupcakes
 I would love to have a complete setting of the cabbage roses dishes but I like the way that these, already in my inventory, go together
A last look at the table...that reflection of the chandelier shows up once again!!!  It's been around in pics before

Hope you enjoyed seeing my beautiful gifts from England!

Now for the dish on the dishes:
  • The beautiful tiered tray and sugar and creamer: brought home from England
  • Teacups are Wedgwood Queensware from ebay
  • Noritake dessert plates also from ebay
  • Noritake cake plate is a gift from my sister L.
  • Pearl napkin rings from Dillards
  • Light pink damask napkins from ebay
  • Damask placemats from Dollar Tree
  • Sweet treats...yours truly :-)
Thank you for stopping to hear your comments.  
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