Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here is the “Teacups” portion of my blog.

For as long as I can remember, I have  loved to make a pretty table.  We have home movies (the kind with no sound!!!) with me setting the table for Thanksgiving.  I couldn't have been more than six or so.  We didn't have a lot of money and my mom didn't have expensive china or sterling, but she did have her "good" dishes and silver-plated flatware for special occasions.  So the table always looked pretty and she was a WONDERFUL cook.  Family and friends started to give her teacups that she displayed but also used.  I inherited her collection, which is so special to me and also had started one of my own as well. 

Fast forward to my getting married...again, not much money so there was no registry for china, sterling, and crystal (I do envy those lucky ladies who have all of those things handed down from generation to generation-that is so lovely!).  My first husband was from Poland and we were able to get beautiful Polish china that I still have.  This was before the fall of communism, so things were very cheap!  We also had lovely crystal (still no sterling!)

Years go by...that marriage ends and I find the perfect man (my darling Brit).  When we got married, his family gave us a lovely "Old Country Roses" tea set and that began my collection of OCR.  DH doesn't give a hoot about this stuff and thinks my dish obsession is crazy.  But he is very tolerant of it.  I have been known to be compared to Hyacinth Bucket (of Keeping Up Appearances-a hysterical brit-com).

So away we go...I was ecstatic to find so many "dishaholics" and so many lovely blogs.

Sorry for rambling...Hope you visit again!!

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