Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

Well...Valentine's Day is nearly here.  My dear Brit doesn't really care for all of my tablescaping dishes etc., but he does appreciate my efforts.  I love pink and red together and this is the one time of year where it seems to be most appropriate to put them together.

Red and pink and white and "valentine-y"

A red tablecloth and white dishes, some with pink flowers
I made place cards from old-fashioned valentines I found on the internet.
This one obviously is for my honey
My husband prefers dark chocolate and I WAS a milk chocolate lover...but he has won me over to the "dark" side.  And what is Valentine's Day without chocolate?  Make mine Ghirardelli! 
My wonderful husband surprised me with the DVD of Downton Abbey, Season One.  Isn't he the sweetest?  He DOES pay attention sometimes!

What is more romantic than roses everywhere!
I've planned a dessert involving hearts and cake and chocolate
 to put on the pink glass cake pedestal
Here is the table with candlelight.  I think it's cozier to be next to each other
Cyril is checking see if his name is on the placecard...
Sorry Cyril...back to your footprint bowl!

Now for the dish on the dishes...
  • The dinner plates and cream soup bowls are Royal Albert "Val D'Or"
  • The pink flowered plates, including the cake plate under the candle, are Paragon "Victoriana Rose" and is one of my favorite patterns. I've been collecting for years (from ebay)
  • The champagne flutes were a wedding gift from our wonderful friend, Bill
  • The tall goblets and the bowls are the palest pink and are from QVC several years ago
  • The silverplate is Oneida Vanessa/Francesca from ebay
  • The pink damask napkins are from ebay and the Old Country Roses napkins rings I found at T.J.Maxx (we still don't have a Home Goods)
  • The pink glass cake pedestal is from ebay as well.  I just love the color!
  • The red chenille tablecloth with the damask pattern was on sale at Linens'N Things from a while ago
  • The place card holders were a gift
I hope everyone is looking forward to a Happy Valentine's Day!  And I thank you for stopping by!! 


  1. A beautiful tablescape for your special dinner. The Royal Albert is gorgeous. Other than Country Rose, I've not been too familiar with their patterns. I must look into it more thoroughly. You've given me a gift by telling me about Downton Abbey. It is magnificent! Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  2. What a lovely table Tess -- it is just so special and I agree that the Country Rose if so pretty. I love your pink cake pedestal. I am going to look into Downton Abbey -- what a sweet gift from your husband! As for chocolate, I will never go to the dark side. Joni P.S. Cyril can come sit at my table.

  3. Hi Tess, Your pink cake dish is gorgeous and so are your delicate floral dishes! You always have the prettiest things and now it seems you have a thoughtful sweetie as well. Yummy dark chocolate is the BEST! We're about to start watching Downton Abbey and I can't wait! Have a wonderful dinner with your favorite Brit! (and cute Cyril--love his name) Linda

  4. Oh, how lucky you are, to get the first season of Downton Abbey already! Your table is very valentine-y, in the romantic sense. I always love cream soups -- they are just so charming, somehow. And thanks for including all the details of how you acquired your pretties!

  5. Oh! this is absolutely a sweetie. I love your flatwares. I really do. Hard to find in Sweden like this.

    TY for sharing,

  6. Beautiful china! Great flatware, I can't find nothing like this in this country, when I make a trip to NY i will buy a set like it. I love the pink cake plate Tess, you have such lovely things always and a nice hubby too.
    Happy Valentine's

  7. Lovely Valentine table Tess. Lucky girl having Downton Abbey video. A Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  8. Tess, your table is lovely! Your dishes are really pretty!

  9. I LOVE your pedestal pink cake dish!!! and your Valentine Table is Gorgeous! Love all your details and the little place card is So Sweet!
    I'm a HUGE fan of DARK CHOCOLAT, and the DARKER the better...
    Happy Valentine's Day to you,
    Hugs, Donna

  10. After reading this post, I bought the first season of Downton Abbey and we've just finished watching it. We LOVED it! When does the next season come out? I can't wait.

    I love your table settings. We collect Royal Albet also.
    Afternoon Tea

  11. You should watch Jeeves and Wooster if you like old dishes and the way things were set up...
    I was born in a wrong century too. Diana