Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Annual Christmas Outing

My sisters and I have an annual tradition (for about 5 years, but traditions have to start somewhere!!)...we go to a local Christmas tree farm to buy wreaths.  I have an artificial tree because they make me break out when I touch them and the real wreath adds a bit of fresh pine scent to the house. 

So we always start with breakfast at a favorite little restaurant.  Though I am linking with Tablescape Thursday, the only tablescapes in this post are the background of the restaurant and a peek at last year's Christmas table since I will be using elements of that table for this year's table.  

Last year, I took a picture of them playing with the restaurant's decorations and this year I looked up and saw P. with yellow broken reading glasses and L. had a feather in her hair!!  I started laughing so hard and of course, we all got hysterical!  It always happens when we are together!

This is the place where we get our wreaths...this is the first  year we didn't have snow!! : - (
 This is the huge barn with rows and rows of beautiful fresh trees!
 Another view...
 We chose our wreaths from this wall...they already have bows and holly berries but you can dress them up however you want!!
 Looking into this area, there are lots of wreaths that are decorated beautifully and ready to buy they are!!!  P. has her glasses with the missing arm and L. has feathers on the right side of her head!!   I noticed both things at once and just lost it!!!  Then we all we always do!

Now to make this a "legit" Tablescape Thursday post, I've included a couple of photos of last year's table.  There will be changes made for this year...Hope you stop back to see it!

I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away!!  I hope everyone is done with what has to be done and that you enjoy Christmas with family and friends.  Be sure to stop by Susan's blog "Between Naps on the Porch"  Just click on the link up on the right...The tables will be an inspiration!!



  1. Tess,

    Thanks for weighting in on my table. I too am a woman of a "certain age" who is reconciling life with with dishes, but not kittens, since I live in an area of California with coyotes that preclude cats from ever venturing outside. Your day with your sisters sounds like a fantastic tradition. I love the wall of wreaths. Merry Christmas to you and your Brit. ~CJ

  2. Ooh, you would have a hard time getting me out of that barn , what a delight !
    I'm smiling at your sister's shenanigans they look like my kind of friends...
    Gorgeous tablescape, fit for a Queen :)
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

  3. What a fun time. Thanks for sharing. Isn't it great to get the giggles in public and try to stop! At least your sister let you take a photo!

  4. What a fun tradition! Looks like you and your sisters have as much fun as I do with mine! Merry Christmas!

  5. What a fun tradition! We used to always have a fresh tree, plus flocking and it got so outrageously expensive and didn't look so great by Christmas that we finally changed. A fresh wreath would be a great addition though because I do miss the smell. (I think I was allergic to the tree to as I would always sneeze with it.) Have a fabulous Christmas!

  6. What a fun trip with your sisters. We used to always buy a real tree, but when my oldest was born the Dr. told us to buy a fake tree due to his asthma. I so miss the smell of a fresh tree. I could almost smell it just looking at your pictures. Your table is beautiful. I love that green table cloth. It's a perfect match for your china. Those name tage holders are precious! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Tess,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I guess I'm more into decorating my hutch than my table.
    My wife enjoys what I do but doesn't get envolved either. You have a beautiful table.
    Have a wonderful holiday.


  8. Hi, nice to see you again. That tree place looks like a fun outing. And how nice to have sisters to go with!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. You and I are both blessed with precious sisters. You've established a marvelous Christmas tradition with your trip to find wreaths. Thank you for taking us along for the ride. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  10. Having two sisters, I can imagine the laughter when you spotted your sister with the missing arm on her glasses and your other sister with feathers on her head!! I enjoy last year's table, and look forward to seeing the changes made for this year. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. This trip looks like so much fun. How special to share it with your sisters. Merry Christmas to you. I am your newest follower. I do alot of design work for www.infusewithliz, and Diane's

    I hope you drop by and be a follower of mine too.