Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to my teacup collection

Well...I AM trying to tie this all together with the name of this blog so today I am going to show you my teacup collection (or at least part of it). 

My mother had a teacup collection and I started one right along with her.  Sometimes, she and  I would choose cups and have tea in the lovely china cups.  They were very special and resided in the china cabinet, but we did take them down and use them sometimes.  I have inherited her collection and keep it right along with mine.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough room to display them all at once so this cabinet has only a part of the collection.  This is a small china cabinet that holds some of my favorites.

The pink and white cup on the right is Paragon's Victoriana Rose.  I LOVE this pattern and have collected cups/saucers, creamer and sugar bowl, dessert plates and a few other pieces.  It is one of my favorite patterns and is so pretty for a tea table.

This lovely cup is Royal Albert "Lady Carlisle" (don't know if the spelling is correct).  It was a gift from a friend over 35 years ago!!  I guess I have been at this for a long time!!!

And here is the famous Old Country Roses by Royal Albert.  I have many pieces in this pattern and love it.  My darling Brit's family gave us (ahem, more for me since he has no interest in china!!) a tea set for a wedding gift.  I love that it was purchased in England!!  And, of course, there is a floral kitty keeping an eye on it.  Wish the furry ones would be so careful with the china!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my tea collection and you will see it in future blogs for sure!  Hope to see some of your favorites too!

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  1. What a wonderful collection. And I adore the way it is displayed and the cabinet. Thank you for visiting my blog. I often opt out of bread in lieu of dessert! How silly is that.