Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day has changed a lot for me over the years.  First of all, I am not Irish (as far as I know) so growing up, we did the usual school things for St. Patrick's Day and that's about all. 

In my mid-twenties, I moved to Chicago where there is a HUGE Irish presence.  I met my friend Bill there in the mid 80s (he is still one of my best friends).  He is first generation Irish so we went to the many Irish pubs, festivals, and music venues.  I adore traditional Irish music and have a huge collection.  Anyway, celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Bill was always a great time (though I rarely drink alcohol...I was right there with everyone who does!).  For those who don't know, the Chicago River is dyed green every year (using orange dye) and they paint shamrocks on Dearborn St. where the parade route is.  Now THAT'S a city with lots of Irish in it's blood!!!
Green Chicago River
 Fast forward to today...boy, things do change.  I am back living in the upstate NY city where I grew up, with my English husband, and those days of going out to the pubs til all hours are long gone!  I think I will  have some tea and a treat and listen to some traditional music.  I have a book of Irish mysteries or maybe I'll pop in the "Riverdance" dvd and watch's so wonderful!  Bill and I went to see it in Chicago in 1996!! 
I don't have much in the way of St. Patrick's Day table things, but I was able to find enough  to have my little St. Patrick's time.
Just a little set up for tea.  Mostly, I am a coffee drinker, but will sometimes drink raspberry herbal tea in the evening.  I love this shamrock scarf but since I am working at home, I won't be wearing it on SPD this year
I have had this cup for a looooooong time and love the sweet shamrocks dancing around it
Here's a closer look at those shamrocks
 How about some green frosted cookies to go with tea...yummy!
These roses have been seen on a few tables lately...they certainly did last!!  I added a few green carnations and put them in an Irish glass with shamrocks all around the bottom
I love murder mysteries....and here is a WHOLE book of them.  This should make for a great evening!
...especially with some of my favorite music playing
Here's a little peak at the underside of the sauce.  This is "Royal Tara" made in...where else?

So I'm planning to have a quiet but wonderful St. Paddy's Day at home!  Hope you enjoy your celebrations!!

Now for the dish on the dishes:
  • The cup and saucer are Royal Tara (made in Ireland) from my teacup collection
  • The plate is my "Val D'Or" which shows up frequently here
  • The teapot and cookie tray are from "Tea with Grace"
  • The teaspoon is Reed and Barton "Rathmore"
  • I have had the shamrock scarf for years
  • The Waterford Marquis glass makes a great little vase for the roses and green carnations
  • That green napkin with the gold thread and the shamrock garland around the vase are both from Dollar Tree
  • The lace tablecloth is from my collection of tablecloths
  • Those cookies are NOT homemade...I am sorry to say
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  1. The Irish nod to lace and shamrocks on your tea cup and scarf...I'd say that you're good to go for St. Patrick's Day. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  2. Tess, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! It will be a quiet time here as well. I think a cup of tea in that sweet Irish tea cup would be delightful.
    ~ Sarah

  3. I enjoyed your post today and I think your cup and saucer are just sweet. I don't have any Irish in me so I usually just wear green LOL. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. I love your lace tablecloth wth the runner, it's beautiful. Your tea cup is perfect with shamrocks. I'd love to have tea with you with with your yummies!
    Have a wonderful St. Pat's!

  5. That scarf makes a perfect table runner to go with the cute little tea cup for SPD, Tess.

  6. Oh delightful! Your idea of St. patrick's evening is perfect for me. A good book, a spot of tea and cookies! Love your irish cup and saucer. The shamrocks look so dainty. Even the lace cloth is wonderful. Great scarf too. I have been lucky enough to see the river green myself. It's a wild time in chicago! thanks for dropping in with your very kind comments.

  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Your table is so Irish and will be perfect for your evening of Irish music and a good murder mystery. Maybe you should have a little green tea in your shamrock cup and saucer! Or as one reader suggested to me, a little Irish whiskey! haha. ~Delores

  8. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Love those shamrock tea cups! So delicate and cute!

  9. Very pretty post and I loved the little tea cups too. Happy St Patrick's Day.

  10. Tess -- what a great little Irish tea cut and saucer. How do they dye the river orange and it turns green? Did I misunderstand this? Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! Joni

  11. Hi lovely lady.I love your pretty post sweet lady ~~~ I also love Tea Cups ~~~~
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Tablescapes you are so sweet. Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!

  12. Sounds like you've had some great St. Patrick's day celebrations! You've set a sweet table.

  13. Thanks for visiting my site ... and I love the green Chicago River ... been there a few time to see that! thanks for sharing.

  14. "What a Beautiful Table"...I LOVE your scarf with the shamrocks, SO DIFFERENT!!! Thank you so much for sharing this WONDERFUL POST! Have a great weekend,
    Hugs to you,

  15. Hi. Thanks for visiting & leaving a comment for me. The Husband and I have had great times in Chicago! We love the green Chicago River!

  16. Hi Tess! I just love your tea cup and saucer, and of course the scarf too! I didn't have anything like that to use!!

  17. Tess, recognized the cookies right away! The cup and saucer is lovely. I have been tempted to go to New Hartford Shopping Center to that cute Irish store. The shamrock scarf on the lace cloth is perfect for your table and quiet evening. I am a little late making the rounds so wishing you a good week ahead :-)

  18. What an interesting and delightful post. Love tea in the evening.
    Loved looking at your pretty pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  19. Thanks for visiting my bluebonnet table this week, Tess! I enjoyed seeing your St. Patrick's Day scene -- and loved the photo of the green river in Chicago, as I've never been there that time of year. I thought of you last weekend when I watched the entire Downton Abbey series in one day! So fun to see it all a second time!

  20. Aaahhh, Riverdance was just in Salt Lake City, but I didn't see it until it was too late. I saw it once and thought it was utterly amazing. I love to put the CD on too and embarrass my children by trying to imitate the dancers (very poorly I might add!)

  21. Hi Tess,
    Thank you for the comments you left on my blog. You and I have a lot in common! I really look forward to more of your posts, they're very inspiring.

  22. Thanks for the comments, you're so sweet and generous! I love this post, beautiful shamrock china, I just love it! Beautiful tbcloth. Love the river in Chicago pic.
    Happy Easter dear Tess.

  23. Tess, thanks for your kind comments on my Easter table this week. Have you been watching Upstairs Downstairs? It's not Downton Abbey, but I've enjoyed watching it. Happy Easter!