Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

I know Mother's Day is over, but I decided to blog about it anyway.  First of all, I am not a mother (unless you want to count three unruly cats!), and my mother passed away nearly 23 years ago (at too early an age).  None of my sisters are mothers either.  Seems we are pretty underqualified for this holiday!  Actually, my own mother didn't like Mother's Day.  She always said that there shouldn't have to be an official day where people are "expected" to celebrate their mothers.  But if she were here, I would have afternoon tea with her.

She had a wonderful teacup collection (which I now have) and I started my collection right along with her.  We each used to pick out a cup from her collection and have tea together (though I am not big tea drinker).  She made great soda biscuits and there was always raspberry jam that her best friend made (DELICIOUS!!). 

My mother was an anglophile AND a francophile. . .so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with the anglophilia!  I would make her scones, tea sandwiches, and some sweets,  Perhaps she would have liked fruit tarts because she loved fruit.

I would set the table with my Old Country Roses, though our taste in china was different.  If she could have chosen a fine china pattern, it would have been something like Lenox Tuxedo Platinum. . .classic and elegant.  She wasn't a flowery person.  But I'm sure she would be delighted to have tea set with my floral china (which is mostly what I have).

She came from very humble beginnings, but was intelligent, well-read, and gracious (my favorite word to describe her).  She was warm and had wonderful manners and was gracious (there is that word again) in all situations.   I know that she would have loved having the internet so she could explore the world.  Her curiosity was vast and she was a voracious reader, a love of reading that she handed down to all four of her daughters.   It is very interesting when we all talk to each other about her...we always learn so much about her from each other.  Since we are so different, she interacted with each of us differently.

My mother never met my husband but I know that if she could have picked out a husband for me, Peter would be exactly the one she would choose.  She would have adored him! 

I miss her and wish I could share all of the changes that have happened in my life since she passed away.

Miss you Mom!!!


P.S. Not to leave out my Dad...there will be a post about him as well.


  1. Tess, it was lovely learning about your gracious mom. What a pretty tea you have set for her. And I do think that having three unruly cats counts you in as a mother -- they can be so demanding. Did you finish your silver collection -- it seems like prices have climbed. Joni

  2. Such a pretty setting right down to the napkin rings! Love your dishes and you have a nice collection of serving pieces too-enjoy:@)

  3. Hi Tess! I'm so happy you stopped by! We don't have any 2-legged kids, yet, but I have Furrbabies,like you. One Norwegian Elkhound,
    Shadow, and his 6 kittens (lol, I said 6. They were thrown away in our yard less than a week old..there were 9, but 3 didn't make it. I'm not a cat person..dogs all my life, but if Shadow hadn't helped like he did, I think I'd've lost more.) Furrbabies=Mother's Day, so, Happy Mother's Day.
    I love your china. I have since I first them at the department store when I was about 10, but still can't afford the $$$. Your Mom would love the table.
    Well, don't be a stranger. Hope you stop back soon!

  4. Hi Tess,

    This is such a sweet, heartfelt post. Your mother truly sounds like a wonderful person, and I'm sure you and your sisters miss her very much. Your teascape is just lovely! My husband's grandmother had a huge collection of The "Old Country Roses" china, which will be passed on to her great-granddaughter. She had lots of neat dishes, and she gave a set to each of her great-grandsons as well. Your three-tiered server is beautiful, as are your jam jar and your napkins rings! You do your mother proud.



  5. Tess, what a sweet post about your mother! She sounded like a lovely person, and you obviously enjoyed a good relationship. I think it's wonderful that you both enjoyed pretty china!

  6. What a lovely, lovely table, Tess. I am not a tea drinker, but do love my coffee!

  7. I still find that every once in a while, I pick up the phone to call my mama....even thought she's been gone for 9 years. I still miss both of m parents so much. Thank you for your lovely post and for stopping by my blog. Cherry Kay