Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn Is Here!! has been quite a while since I last posted.  Work has been crazy busy and since I spend my work day at  my computer, I just haven't wanted to add more hours of computer time to my day.  I HAVE been visiting TT, see everyone's beautiful and ambitious tablescapes!!   I found some white paisley dishes at TJM which seemed a good inspiration.
SO, I've decided to jump back in, especially since it's AUTUMN.  I love this time of year...the weather is cooler and the air smells wonderful. The trees put on their magnificent show for us!!  I am always drawn to those trees whose leaves change to scarlet.  I love red and those always thrill me the most.  But the yellows and oranges are beautiful and add to the gorgeous fall pallette.  So, with that in mind, I am going with autumnal colors.  The weather is cooling here in NYS and we will be able to have a fire this weekend.  I am definitely NOT a summer girl!

This is the paisley plate that I found.  Unfortunately, I only bought two...something I am sure I will regret in the future.  I love white embossed dishes and  I have a four Royal Albert "Old English Garden".  I figured that I could mix and match them all together.

Next comes a red salad plate...

...And a floral underplate for a soup bowl

A clear soup bowl allows the beautiful pattern to show through...

Layered plates...

The whole place setting...guess I better think about cooking!!

And who is busier in the fall but squirrels stocking up for winter.  This cute nutcracker was given to me by my mother-in-law who lives in England.   He is sitting in front of another fall favorite...a big orange pumpkin!

Put a nut in his paws and use his tail to crack it!  I don't have an unshelled nuts right now.  Poor little guy!

Now for the dish on the dishes:
  • White plates are a new purchases from T.J. Maxx (again, wish I had gotten more than two!)
  • Red salad plates from Big Lots
  • Square floral plates last year from TJM
  • Glass bowls from Walmart years ago (also wish I had more)
  • Placemats also from TJM
  • Gold napkins from Linens 'N Things (miss that store)
  • Napkin rings-Oneida silverplate
  • Silverplate flatware-Oneida Vanessa/Francesca
  • Ceramic pumkin-TJM
  • Cake plate under the pumpkin is Royal Albert "Old English Garden" from Marshalls eons ago in Chicago
  • My cute squirrel nutcracker is from my mother-in-law in England
  • Glasses are Waterford Marquis "Brookside" I believe made in Germany

    I am so happy to be back to TT.  Thank you for stopping by!!!! I look forward to reading your comments and knowing you were here.  Be sure to visit "Between Naps on the Porch" (button up on the right) and see Susan's beautiful work and all of those gorgeous tables posted there!


  1. Oh will definitely regret only buying 2. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Your table setting is gorgeous!!

  2. Beautiful table, Tess. I have kicked myself for not picking up a set of those red dishes like the one you are using for the underplate to the soup bowl...I just love that pattern.

  3. You should probably run right on back there tomorrow and pick those up before they're gone! You know how they can be! Those plates are WAY to pretty to have regrets!!!!!!!! I love the design!

  4. Love the White Paisley dishes! And the little squirrel nut cracker is precious! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the kind comments! Come again~

  5. Hi Tess! I love all your dishes, but I may just head over to TJM tomorrow to look for the paisley ones! I like your quilted placemat, too. Adds even more texture. And, I just love squirrels. There was one playing peek a boo with my cat, Eddie, today. They are just so funny. Thanks for sharing!
    PS I miss Linens 'N Things, too.

  6. Hi Tess! What a beautiful table! I love the white paisley plates & of course the red floral underplate is gorgeous too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You wondered where in Upstate NY I live & I have to laugh because I'm right her in Utica with you! Now I know why I didn't see either of those plates at TJ Maxx...because you bought them before me! LOL

  7. I'm so glad that you're back. You've been missed! The new paisley plates are gorgeous, and they work beautifully with your Royal Albert. I love the squirrel, and I know that the fact that he's from your mom makes him extra special. Thanks for inviting us to your table. Cherry Kay

  8. Tess, I adore your square floral plates, amazing!!! The case of I "shouldas" ~ have then all the time!!!


  9. I love your white dishes. I just love texture! I have the red plates (from Marshall's I think) and I have used them in my china cabinet but not a tablescape (yet!). I just wish more plates came in sets of 6, don't you?

    Robin Flies South

  10. I love all of these dishes. I really am addicted. My family is starting to give me the head tilt and knowing nod as if they anticipate my being hauled off by the men in the white coats because I cannot stop buying plates!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy the English mysteries as well, and managed to find something to bake from them too! See:

  11. What a beautiful and striking tablesetting!Love the colors through out your table. The white embossed plates are absolutely gorgeous... love 'em! I adore embossed china and this one is simply beautiful! I have to look for them at our TJMaxx next time I stop by. The red floral under plate looks wonderful paired with the white and I love the pattern of your silverware. The cute squirrel nutcracker looks quite happy next to the pumpkin and so perfect for the season. Thanks for sharing this beautiful table with us and for your sweet thoughts on my autumn tea post. Loved having you over. Have a good week!Hugs~Poppy

  12. Those white plates are gorgeous! The plate combination is stunning, I adore red as well! The squirrels here sure have been busy, your little guy is quite a character!! Thanks for your visit, I had fun with that post!! Take care, and hope to see more of those tablescapes soon!!

  13. Oh, that white paisley plate is just incredible! Glad you can pair it with others you have. That is what I often do. I love the reds and oranges, they are so rich and wonderful. Pretty table.

  14. I think you are right.. you are going to regret not having more of those gorgeous white plates. I love the paisley design on them. The clear bowl on the floral dishes are fabulous.. I love your reds on the table.. have missed your posts.. xo marlis

  15. I love the paisley plates Tess!! My mom has the 222 Fifth square plates lie yours, that I borrowed last year. I love those too! Love your autumn table! I too am not a summer girl! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments!!

  16. I love your place setting especially the flowered plates. Very good idea to place a clear bowl on them so it shows through! Your nut cracker is so cute! XO, Pinky

  17. Thank you for your nice comments on my autumn table! Your table is just beautiful! Love the floral dishes...Kristen

  18. I had things like this happened to me before, I would go later to get something I shoul've to start with and there are non later! I hope you went and got those pretty plates honey pie...did you? Your table is gorgeous with such fall coloring, I love it. Thank you so much for your lovely visit and generous comments. Have a nice sat. night and a blessed Sunday. FABBY

  19. Hi lovely lady.
    Your tablescape is Beautiful with all the fall colors sweet lady. I do love your dishes you did a lovely job putting this all together..
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Halloween Tablescape. I hope you have a great weekend coming up with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  20. You did such a lovely job of layering your pieces and I LOVE your new TJM paisley plates as well as the red floral plates! Nice eye candy!

    Thanks for your nice comment on my Fall tablescape too:)

  21. I love those white plates too! I think I will have to lock myself up if I buy more white dishes, or any dishes! I am hopeless!
    Have a good weekend, Tess, the weather is supposed to be good here in NY,

  22. Tess, I'm not sure how I ever missed this post! Welcome back ;o) I can't wait to hear about your upcoming dinner party! I hope you got the plates!!

  23. Truly gorgeous! I just love red! Your dishes are fantastic!

  24. Tess this is a beautiful Tablescape. Love the white plate, you have it all just perfect. I am following you.

  25. Hi Tess,

    Welcome back! I've missed seeing you on TT. I just LOVE this table; it's so very pretty. I love your new white plates, as well as the floral plates and the pretty, clear soup bowls. Your silverware looks so pretty with your dishes, as does the crystal stemware. I bought some red placemats very similar to yours that I plan to use for Christmas. And lastly, you squirrel nutcracker is adorable. What a nice gift from your MIL, and it's so unique. Do you ever go to England to visit her?

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on my tablescape earlier this week. I'm slow replying because I've been sooo tired this week; this time change gets me every year. :) Take care and have a great weekend.

    Denise at Forest Manor