Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Come for Tea!!

Happy Tablescape Thursday.  I have a confession to make...this tablescape is from a while ago but since I am new to blogging, no one has seen it before.  My sister has a wonderful friend who is smart, gracious, and multi-talented (among other things, she paints, writes children's books and has an amazing approach to life).  I decided to invite my sister and her friend Janie for a real afternoon tea. 
Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures and the pictures of the food aren't great!  So I guess I will just narrate and you'll have to use your imagination.  ;-)

The pink tablecloth was covered with a white lace one.  The food is in the picture...all except the scones which were still in the oven.  It was Ina Garten's recipe and they were easy AND delicious, warm from the oven (she is amazing!!!) .  They went onto a Victoriana Rose plate on the clear cake pedestal.
Ina's scones were served with "heavenshire cream" (recipe below) and strawberry jam pictured in the front center of this picture.  There were cucumber sandwiches on white bread and egg salad on wheat-no crusts, of course!  We also had mini lemon tea tarts and orange cake. 
Now for the big confession...none of us wanted tea (I know, I know) so we had coffee!  It was a delightful time and I am planning a luncheon on the patio!

Now for the "dish" on the dishes (etc)... 
  • The luncheon plates are "Royal Albert Val D'Or"...they are great with several Royal Albert patterns because they are classic white.  They actually look like many of their floral patterns with the flowers washed off!!! 
  • The dessert/bread plates and cups/saucers are Paragon "Victoriana Rose".  This is one of my favorite patterns and was most recently made by Royal Albert, but I believe that it is no longer being made at all.  Mine are from ebay over many years of collecting.
  • The silverplated bride's basket was an ebay find as well.

  • The forks are Towle silverplate (don't know the pattern) from an apartment sale many years ago.  They were next to nothing and I wish I had a complete set!!
  • The place card holders are "Old Country Roses" found at T.J. Maxx and I made place cards with a sweet rose background.
  • Lots of other bits and pieces that I have in my collection. 
Hope you have enjoyed our afternoon tea!!!
Here is the easy recipe for "Heavenshire Cream".  I only made half a recipe and it was plenty.  I found this on line at Tea with Grace
Heavenshire Cream
Makes 12-14-servings
1 cup whipping cream
8 ounces of cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup of confectioner's sugar
8 ounces of dairy sour cream
In a medium bowl, beat the whipping cream until stiff peaks form.  In a separate bowl, beat the cream cheese until smooth and fluffy.  Fold in whipped cream.  Refrigerate until serving time.


  1. How beautiful. I'll be right over!! The pink cake plate is wonderful; combining those two china patterns is a stroke of genius. Just lovely.

  2. Everything is very pretty! The food sounds delicious! I'm a tea drinker, dislike coffee, so I would bring my own tea bag! ;-)


  3. So pretty, your china is wonderful!


  4. Just a lovely table, and the food looks and sounds fabulous! I'll have two of each, please -- and I'll opt for coffee as well! I know your sister and friend enjoyed this special treat! Thanks for visiting me!

  5. What a beautiful teascape...I would have preferred coffee, too!

  6. I wish I was there at your pretty tea table. I made the Ina cranberry scones are those the ones you made?

  7. This is a beautiful tea setting. I love all your pretty china mixed with the silver. Very inviting!

  8. This is so pretty. You have some lovely china pieces. The food looks wonderful.

  9. Tess, this is an adorable table. I would love to join you. I drink coffer or tea, just what is offered. Your chinba is very nice, I always love Royal Albert in every pattern. An Heavenshire cream, just this words make me drolling. All looks so yummy.
    Greetings, Johanna

  10. sounds like it was wonderful. love your dishes.

  11. Since you are relatively new to blogging, I want to extend a hearty welcome. I just returned to blogging in late May, after a 15 month hiatus. Before that, I blogged here since 2006. I have met some very dear friends by being here, and I hope that you do as well.

    Your china is lovely. A VERY pretty pattern. I love Royal Albert.

    Is the cake plate holding the tea sandwiches Pink Depression Glass? It looks like it...LOVE LOVE LOVE pink depression glass.

    Your food sounds wonderful, except that I am not a coffee drinker. But even water in a teacup is fun.

    Well, blessings to you,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  12. First of all, you were not rambling on the comment you left on my blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE classic-era movies (really, I'm an addict!), so I love talking about them (and classic movie actors/actresses). It's not easy finding others who share that passion, so I loved hearing from you.

    No, I've never seen In Name Only. It's on my list of movies that I keep requesting TCM air. I read about it somewhere, and it sounded fabulous, but since it's not out on DVD, I'm dependent on TCM to show it.

    I'm more of a drama gal than a comedy one. I am like in love with Gary Cooper and William Holden. My favorite actresses are Bette Davis, Susan Hayward, and Barbara Stanwyck.

    Ah, Victoria Magazine. I got it for awhile several years ago, but then I let the subscription expire, as I wasn't reading it much. A few years later, I wanted to re-subscribe, but it wasn't being published. Because I get several other magazines from Hoffman Media (Southern Lady, Tea Time, Taste of the South, Cooking with Paula Deen), I discovered that they were now publishing Victoria. I know some people like the original publisher the best, but I think Hoffman Media is doing a fabulous job. Each issue is SO beautiful.

    Now, I'm the one who is rambling. I wish you a wonderful day.


  13. Hello Tess! Welcome to blogging! I am your newest follower. You'll find a great number of gracious, talented folks here!
    Just love your post tea/coffee!
    Very beautifully set and written!
    So glad you stopped by my Victoria post!
    You're always welcome!
    I hope you took time to enter my giveaways - another fun part of blogging!!!