Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Well...being an American-Anglo household, the 4th of July can be really tricky!  Of course, I am a patriotic american and lover of revolutionary history, of which we have much here in central New York.

But, since my husband is from England (and I'm an admitted anglophile!), we fly both flags.  The color scheme is perfect together ;-)

I do tease him about "losing" the colonies, but he doesn't say much...he takes it in stride, even though he is very competitive!

We are not doing anything special (I have to work tomorrow).  My sisters are not around since they are at their respective camps at the lakes.  It's 95 degrees here and I am attached to the air conditioner!  I admire you southern gals (and Bill!) who live with this weather all of the time and still function!!!

When I think of the amazing courage and determination that our founding fathers showed in declaring our independence from England and of that wonderful document that Thomas Jeffereson penned, I am awed and humbled.  And I'm sure everyone is thinking of our soldiers serving around the world and their dedication to the principles of those founding fathers!



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  1. Ironically the colors do look beautiful together.
    Happy Independance Day!

    - The Tablescaper