Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch tray

This is a great week for my job!  I am a medical coder for a hospital based medical group.  We have been hearing, for over a year, that there are plans for us to work from home.  Well, it finally happened and Monday was my first day working from home.  YIPPEE!!!!!!

There are lots of perks to this, such as a 5 second commute, being able to see my husband (who works second shift), and not having to go out when we have two feet of snow!  My kitties visit my desk throughout the day too.  My "work" clothes are pretty wild, though.  Today, I was wearing a brown floral thermal shirt and when I got cold, I put on a pink plaid flannel shirt over it.   S-C-A-R-E-Y but warm and nobody was looking!

So what does this have to do with tablescaping and dishes, you ask?  Well...I have to have lunch...soooooooo,  I set this tray for myself (in my VERY chic outfit!).  Prettier than a cafeteria tray, right?

 Lunch was just a turkey and tomato sandwich and tomato soup so there wasn't a need for much tableware

 A plate for the sandwich, a bowl and spoon for the soup, ice water in the glass and...oh look...there's a cupcake!  How did that get there?  The plan was for an apple....hmmmmm

This is the only piece of flatware in sight

 There's that cupcake again...where did my apple go????????

Last view and lunch is over!!! 

I am loving working at home.  All of the coders rotate through the office once a week.  I go into the office on officemate is there that day, too.   We get to touch base with our supervisor and do things that have to be done in the office.

Now for the dish on the dishes:
  • The plate and bowl are my Gibson everyday dishes
  • The "napkin" is a cute autumn hand towel I found at Walgreens.  Great for accidental spills!
  • Silverplate soup spoon is Gorham.  I got eight of them on ebay-they should pay me for advertising for them ;-)
  • The tray is from T.J.Maxx and I love the size of it.  It was $13
  • That sneaky cupcake is in a small cut glass dish that I have had for many years.  I have six of them


  1. Cute tray-scape and good for you to be able to work at home-enjoy:@)

  2. Love your lunch looks and sounds yummy! That sneaky cupcake made me laugh out loud! That tray is perfect! So glad about your 5 second commute! I have those dishes too, I mix them with everything.

  3. Congratulations on being able to work from home. My sister is a medical coder and has been doing that a long time - a former neighbor did the same from her home - Love your lunch tray and it sounds like it was delicious!

  4. Hi tess,
    that is a nice idea to work from home. I can imagine that your husband loves that as much as your cats will do. The cats will surely help you with your work and watch about it. And accompany you with your lunch. Your lunch tray look like a very sophisticated restaurant! Love the little cupcake in the crystal bowl. Yes, and where is this applegone? A Halloween witch will have changed it into a muffin, I guess. Thank you for sharing this swwet tablescape.
    Tess, I start a new blog event, baking christmas cookies, at 3. Nov. 2010. Would love if you (and everybody else) would partcipate.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. Doggone that wretched cupcake! How dare it!!! :-) Congratulations on the opportunity to work from home! It's wonderful! If you take time out for spiffy little lunches like the one you posted, you'll feel special all the time! Enjoy!!!

  6. Oh, lucky Tess! I would love to work from home! I'm impressed that you set such a pretty tray for your lunch at home -- and I hope you'll keep that up! You still need a nice break midday, even if you ARE at home.

  7. So pretty! And I want to have some of that delicious cupcake. Yum!...Christine

  8. That tray is so pretty, and I love the use of the towel for the napkin (such a cute towel). Unfortunately, I would opt for the cupcake too! How wonderful to be able to work from home. I'm envious. laurie

  9. Love this setting! I may lift your lunch tray idea for next week. :) Apple country is Lancaster, Bolton, Stow, & Littleton MA. Funny that you are in Utica (I agree it is the real upstate). My DMIL is from out there and my husband & I grew up in Colonie (a suburb of Albany). We used to go to Saquoit (sp?) every year for Thanksgiving until a couple years back. Small world!

  10. Tess, you have the best work situation--4 days at home and one out in the world! I know how these pesky apples can be, turning into cupcakes when you aren't watching! Lunch sounds delicious--I'll be right over. Linda

  11. Great to be able to work from home. Love that the cats get to visit you "at work". Beautiful tablescape for lunch. Love the dish for the apple/cupcake. Eating of that lovely tray will make working at home even more interesting. Enjoy your new schedule.
    I am your newest follower. Please join me as a follower. Ginger

  12. That is great! Can't beat the commute!
    Sweet tray, and I bet you didn't waste time getting to the cafeteria!

  13. Hi Tess Yeah it is chilly up here but have had some sunny days.You do have some beautiful dishes you make me envious. I live on ss so have to get most of my dishes at thrift shops so look for cutsie or unusual to make my blog I hope unique. Hope you become a follower. Love your blog.Give kitties ahug from me