Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin and Paisley

It is getting beautiful's cool and the leaves are changing.  The colors should be gorgeous in a few days.  Autumn just makes me so happy.   We used our fireplace over the weekend for the first time this season.  It was wonderful!!

I decided to use fall colors and some new finds to do my tablescape this week. 

 These placemats are nice and large so everything fits nicely.  You can see our tiffany-style chandelier reflected on the table!

 I love this ceramic first I thought you could put a candle side, but I don't think so...
Here is a closer look...
 Oh yes...frosted oak leaf cookies.  They just seemed to go with the table...AND they were good!
  The white plate is a favorite pattern of mine.  I wish I had more pieces!!
 I used this silverplated seemed to go better with this table than my Damask Rose would have.  I love this pattern too.

This bread plate has a nicely embossed pattern that goes well with the plates, though it isn't a match.
Oh...there are those cookies again...I'm surprised none are missing!!!

Now for the dish on the dishes:
  • The plates are Royal Albert Old Country Garden from ebay
  • The maroon salad plates are from Big Lots for a great price
  • The placemats and napkins were from a trip to T. J. Maxx with my sister before she left for New Mexico.  They are Ralph Lauren and were a terrific price.  I was able to get eight of each!!
  • Napkin rings are from Oneida and I have had them for ages
  • The white pumpkin was found on that trip as well, but I left it there until I couldn't stand it any more and went back to get...thank goodness it was still there!!!
  • The plate holding those cookies is from Tea with Grace
  • Silverplate is Oneida Vanessa/Francesca found on ebay.  The butter spreaders are from ebay also, but I don't know the pattern
  • Candle holders- I've had for a long time...don't remember where I got them
  • Cookies by yours truly (with cookie cutter from ebay-are you surprised???)

Hope you are all enjoying your autumn...Thank you stopping by and you know that I love all of your comments!!

Thank you!



  1. Very pretty Fall table, Tess.


  2. Tess, those cookies are the perfect final touch for your table and I would love to sample one! Your chandelier matches the decor so well! And you were very lucky to find that pumpkin still waiting for you--guess you were really meant to have it! Linda

  3. Tess, what a fun fall table and I do like the large rich-colored placemats. Also would love to have one of your lovely cookies. Joni

  4. Tess, I am just in love with that gorgeous pumpkin centerpiece. It is such a statement. I am surprised you can't put a candle in it too. It really is a knockout. Your table is so lovely. The colors are just gorgeous.

  5. I am a sucker for paisley! Your table is beautiful and I want to eat your cookies! =)

  6. Tess, it sounds like a wonderful time to be in upstate New York! A fire in the fireplace is still a long way off for us. LOVE those table linens -- and you've shown them off beautifully with the simple dishes! Your pretty cookies make me want to pull our MY leaf cookie cutters!

  7. Tess, very inviting table!! You could always use a flameless candle in your pumpkin! Love your placemats/napkins, and that pumpkins is very cool!!

  8. Hi Tess! I love those placemats and napkins, such rich colors. And that pumpkin is beautiful!
    Very pretty table!

  9. I'm a paisley freak so you had me reeled in from the get go. I think it always looks pretty with a fall table! That centerpiece porcelain pumpkin is perfect whether you can put a candle in or not. I think it's just beautiful. Very pretty!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the contrast of the silver. The napkins rings are beautiful and they work so well with the paisley. Beautuful table, glad you went back for the pumpkin! Im following you. Not literally that would be creepy (ha ha).Glad I found your blog!

  11. Wow! I do love your ceramic pumpkin & those leaf cookies are to die for.

    Elegant colour combo with silver touch. Perfect for a cozy autumn season.

    Have a pretty Friday,

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  12. Your fall table is warm and lovely.
    Are your bread and butter plates by Wedgwood? they look like some white plates I have which are Wedgwood Embossed Queens Ware.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I have three sisters too! We have a Four Sisters Club and send each other little gifts throughout the year. We live in three different states, but take any excuse for a family get-together so we can spend time shopping and chatting up a storm. We also love to work together on setting a festive family table.

  14. Hi, Tess! Love the napkins!!! Ralph Lauren has such rich-looking patterns! Looks great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Paisley indeed. Thank your for stopping by my post and for your kind comment. The Ralph Lauren mats are luscious, and the Royal Albert is as always gorgeous. Come visit again any time. Cherry Kay

  16. Hello Tess-
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Feel free to borrow the idea. I am not from the midwest. My husband is stationed here, but I can see why you miss it (at least 3 month a year). I love the paisley and pumpkin.

  17. Tess, this is so lovely--simple and elegant. I love that white pumpkin. I've been seeing quite a lot of white ones this year. Might get one for my kitchen since I have been collecting white pieces for it.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my first Tablescape Thursday (anniversary brunch setting). It has been fun indeed. By the way, those cookies are making me hungry. =D

    Much love!

  18. Oh, and almost forgot, autumn makes me happy too. Just wish we got some colors down in Florida but have great memories of visiting other places in the country during that time, especially autumn in Vermont. Enjoy yours.

  19. Your Fall table is very warm and cozy. I love the white pumpkin. Cookies...yummy. Linda