Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kitties, cars, and a table past...

Well...I've had a busy time over the weekend and on my few days off.  My youngest sister was here for four days and so things were hectic!  She wanted to buy a car here (rather than in NYC) so we were car shopping, purchasing, and registering.  In  between, there was time with our sisters who live here; for dinners, breakfasts, and general togetherness.  Bottom line, it was BUSY!! 

Then today Peter and I made a trip to the vet office with our youngest kitties (referred to as the babies, though they are actually four years old now!).  It was just a check up and shots.  I love our vet because they see cats only and our cats have never even seen a dog, let alone be in the same space with although they were not happy to be there, at least the other patients were all their own species!!  We were advised to change their diet to wet food with no grains, no carbs.  This will be interesting!! 
But please continue...because there IS a tablescape on this post.

Cyril in his favorite place
Don guarding one of my ebay purchases...Be careful's china!
Now for the tablescape...since things were so busy, I don't have a new tablescape.  This is one from a previous dinner for my older sister and a friend (who is like a sister).  Dinner was butternut squash soup, pot roast and chicken breast (I don't eat red meat), salad, mashed potatoes, green beans with olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese.  We had sour cream cake for dessert.
Since it was just four of us, we left the leaf out of the table 
Bird's eye view
 I made place cards from the pattern of some of the serving dishes.  I took a picture from QVC's website and used it for background for the place card.   

The square bowl is "Old World (in cranberry) by Temptations from QVC.  I also used other pieces for service.  I love this's great in so many ways!

 The glass trivet under the flowers is part of that set as well

This is the final view of the whole table.  Hope you enjoyed it.'s the dish on the dishes:
  •  The plates are the "Gollum" dishes bought years ago at Linens & Things
  • The square ramekins for the soup are Temptations "Old World" in cranberry
  • White damask napkins from ebay
  • Oneida Vanessa/Francesca silverplate from ebay except the cream soup spoon-different pattern but also from ebay
  • Glass trivet under the flower-also the "Old World" pattern
  • The crystal glasses are from ebay
  • Dark red placemats were a gift


  1. Very pretty table, Tess. I especially like the soup bowls. They are so unique and gorgeous. I like your Gollum white dishes too and maybe I'm the ONLY blogger who tablescapes, who doesn't own a set! lol Give those babies a kiss for me.
    Hugs, Beth

  2. Beautiful table!! This is my first visit to your blog, and I'm so glad I came! I love your colors here especially and the crystal!! Stop by Far Above Rubies for my Mikasa giveaway!!

  3. Your table is elegant and dramatic, with the deep red of the placemats and flowers! Those red patterned dishes are great, too!

  4. I'm gonna copy that placecard idea ... I love my Temptations! Great table and sounds like you and your sisters had a great time!

  5. I loved how elegant your table looked. the little square bowls are really cute.

  6. i've never shopped on QVC, but those darling square ramekins will find me there tomorrow! This is a great tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  7. Those square bowls are wonderful and so different! I Love place cards, they are SO FUN! I always laugh when there are people over, EVEN when everyone KNOWS where they are going to sit, "they ALWAYS ask"!!! Even my own family does that... I have a pattern for one that I HAVE TO give you, I'll post it on my BLOG and figure out how I can get it to everyone, it's the most beautiful Victorian lady having tea...
    Hugs, Donna

  8. Tess, you guys are absolutely gorgeous! A vet that only tends cats, how interesting.
    Your table is beautiful dressed in red and white.
    I do like the deep blue of your dining room.

  9. Tess ... just wanted to leave another note ... Thanks for dropping by my site and complimenting that grand baby of mine! Phoebe is an adopted angel that was long awaited, but came just a few days after my mother died in December, 2006. My daughter and I weren't sure how we'd get through Christmas without Grandma ... then she and her husband got the call on December 22nd. A little baby girl had been born and she was theirs! My 87 year old daddy could not wait until she arrived on the 26th. Christmas Day was a "watch the clock" episode with him pulling out his pocket watch about every thirty minutes ... wishing the day away, so we could get on to the day she would come! We've spoiled her horribly ... and I love it! The story goes on ... Phoebe was my father's mother's name. She died when he was just 13 and he never wanted anybody to use her name. My Nicole would have been a Phoebe, but he didn't want me to use the name. He glady allowed Niki to name this baby Phoebe. Things certainly had changed!

    Thanks again for your visit ... I love telling our Phoebe story!

  10. Loved your post about your kitties and the tablescape. The most precious picture is the cat on the china box. The square red bowls are so unusual and pretty.

  11. Very pretty! I like the pops of red! Butternut squash soup is so delish!


  12. Tess, this is wonderful! I love the ramekins and the place card holders. You were so clever to think to make those...awesome! :) Love all the kitty pics, too. They all look sooo sweet. :) Oh, if you would...appreciate so much if you'll add a link in your post back to the TT party. :)
    Happy TT, Tess!