Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mum and mums

Mum and mums.  Isn't english wonderful?  So much opportunity for wordplay!!  So the "Mum" for this post is Peter's Mum in England.  The adorable placemats used in this tablescape are from her, sent to me, from England.  They are scenes of traditional British shops...with nice fall "colours" and that pop of blue.

A glimpse of the place setting

Straight on view

Now for the "mums"...There was a mum sale as a fund raiser for a local school.  The mums came in a variety of colors (I bought three!!) and are all just gorgeous.  So I decided to use the maroon-ish one on the table.  It goes well with the salad plate and feels like autumn!

I wrapped the pot with a tea towel from the Peter's "Mum" in England

Another view of the mums... 

Casual setting for an autumn dinner...
I hope you enjoyed all of the "mums" today...

Now for the dish on the dishes:
  • Cotton placemats and tea towel are from England-thank you to my mother-in-law
  • Plates and soup bowls are our everyday dishes from Linens'N Things...years ago
  • Maroon salad plates are from Big Lots...wish I had purchased more (how often do we say THAT?)
  • Silverplate place settings are Oneida Vanessa/Francesca from ebay
  • Soup spoons are also from ebay but I don't know the pattern
  • Glasses are Waterford "Marquis" from T.J. Maxx...they match my wine glasses
  • Gold colored napkins from LNT years ago
  • Napkin rings from ebay
  • Mums sold by the school kids for their fundraiser
Thank you for stopping...hope you are enjoying early autumn...

P.S. Just found another four-piece place setting of my Damask Rose sterling!!!


  1. Nice setting! I like the idea of using the textile to wrap the flower pot. Clever! ~ Sarah

  2. You are lucky to have such a thoughtful Mum and I'm sure she would love this table! Linda

  3. Lovely, Lovely sooo DRAMATIC with the beautiful dark reds-the MUMS are Perfect! Isn't this FUN?

  4. Beautiful table - love the Mum's and Mum's gifts to you displayed. Thanks for sharing..

  5. I wanted to peek more at the placemats sent from mum. They looked very interesting. Love the idea of a mum fundraiser. Joni

  6. Hi Tess! Thanks for stopping by! You should be linked up to Tablescape Thursday! I see that you enjoy doing tables. I've always wanted to visit the Adirondacks! Probably will before long. Love your Mums table!

  7. Very pretty table. Love the place mats. I used mums too. I always love having them in the fall. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Oh, what a darling table! I love the placemats and your lovely mums :)


  9. Lovely table, the white and cranberry...the cute placemats go wonderfully with everything on your table.

  10. I love that your mum-in-law sends you sweet goodies for your tablescapes from Great Britain. Your table is lovely. I had to laugh when you said that you found four more place settings of your sterling. I wondered if you found them to buy, or if you found them in some drawer where you had placed them for safe keeping and then forgot where you placed them...I was missing 7 placesettings of my Reed & Barton Francis I for months...turned out my sister-in-law had borrowed them and we both had forgotten. Anyway, in the process my closets and drawers and cabinets have never been cleaner and more organized! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  11. Smiling at your wordplay. Such a pretty table! I like the way you wrapped the mums.

  12. Tess, how fun to use the unusual placemats from your MIL to set a pretty table! The maroon and white dishes look very autumnal with the lovely mums. I like the idea of wrapping the pot in a colorful tea towel!

  13. I really like this! You have also inspired me to buy some maroon mums! They are very pretty too!


  14. Hi Tess. Thank you for stoppin by. My orange and white cat name is Rosemary we call her Rosie. She is the sweetest thing. We adopted he last year from the pound. I went looking for a kitten and got her insted it was ment to be.

  15. Hi Tess,
    This table turned out to be a bit of a collaborative effort with Peter's Mum shopping for table linens, and you shopping for flowering mums. If anyone didn't comprehend how much fun you were having with wordplay today, they should ... well, MUM's the word! ;)

    Congratulations on finding more Damask Rose sterling! Your collection's expanding rapidly --- good for you!