Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Calico Kitties Come to Dinner

I have always wanted a calico or orange tabby kitty, but the ones that show up at our house looking for a home seem to lack a certain amount of color.  We have a black cat, a traditional gray tabby, and one who is beyond all description...gray and black.   So I've invited two lovely "calico" kitties to share the table.

There they are... looking so nice with the tablescape
The warmth of the colors of the cats and the linens are getting me psyched for fall!
They are ready for their close-up!!

I did a little shopping at T.J. Maxx the other day and found these toile dishes and red placemats.  What a fun trip and I could have done more damage!  (oh wait...I actually did, but that's for another day!!!)
Another view...

I'm so glad the calico kitties came to add color to the table! 

And now the dish on the dishes...

  • Black and white toile dinner and salad plates.:  T.J. Maxx-really inexpensive!
  • Wedgewood creamware bread plates:  ebay
  • Red quilted placemats: T. J Maxx $3 each (wish there were more...I could only get two)
  • Gold napkins:  Linens and Things a loooong time ago
  • Napkin rings:  Oneida outlet store...MANY years ago
  • Iced beverage glasses:  ebay
  • Oneida "Francesca/Vanessa silverplate: ebay
  • Silverplate butter spreaders:  ebay-really inexpensive
  • Those lovely calico kitties were a gift from a co-worker several years ago

Thank you for stopping by!!



  1. Love those plates! I am a sucker for anything Toile. I love all the pieces you chose.

  2. Tess, this may be a repeat...I am not sure. Love the black and white is stunning really. I see that you, like my family, minus my husband, are a major cat lover. Came back from vacation only to find a new black cat hanging around. We will feed but not let in (husband). It is reallly friendly...did someone move and not take him. Became a follower. Joni

  3. So pretty - I just love those plates! Your kitties are pretty cute, too. We always have kittens at our country church and there are always a collection of orange kitties.(My favorite) Lately - each litter has a least one "blonde". A very pale yellow that is just precious. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?)I have family members with allergies and can't bring them home.

  4. I love those black and white dishes. Nice job.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. What a fun table for cat lovers like me! We have one orange tabby and one who's more champagne-colored, hence his name, Mr. Champagne (Mr. C. for short). Love those black and white plates, and they look great with your early fall colors!

  6. What cute pair of "calico kitties" I have a real calico (Picasso) and an orange tabby (Noelle, better know as NoNo)!
    Love your black and red table, the gold napkins add a just the right touch to remind us fall is just around the corner.
    Have a great weekend, Tess!

  7. The red, yellow, & black elements tie together perfectly with your Calico cats. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  8. Nicely done, don't we all love toile or transferware dishes!! I have some too and love them. I am also a transplant Brit, well sort of. American parents, I was born in Swindon so I claim my English heritage and actually alot of my ancestors are English, so I qualify there too.
    Nice to meet you via your blog,

  9. love those dishes-they are so elegant!
    thanks for stopping by my blog this week. I too am a cub fan till the end. Grew up in Illinois!!!

  10. Hi Tess,
    I really like your black and white toile dishes. I saw some similar ones in an antiques shop in Savannah, GA, and they really caught my eye (I think I'll make a beeline to the local T. J. Maxx -- the price might be more in line with what I'd be willing to pay!). Speaking of affordable, I loved reading about your "sterling plan." I really like the pattern you selected. Hope you have good luck finding additional pieces, but a service for four is a great way to start!

  11. Love the black and white transferware! The calico cats are nice too. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. You're now entered into my giveaway! Now that we know where we are in blogland, let's not be strangers :)