Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Send-off Dinner

My younger sister is on her way to New Mexico!!  She ended a chapter in her life in NYC on Wednesday and was here from last Wednesday night through Monday morning when she started her new adventure of moving across country.  We had lots of fun and all four of us got together several times (there are just the four of us girls left in our family). 

We had been out for dinner the previous night, but on Saturday they came over for a "send off" dinner.  I told them that this would end up on my blog!!  So, here we go...on the send-off dinner tour!! 

Here is the long view of dinner for the four of us, a close family friend, and my DH (who is always outnumbered by women).  It is feeling very autumnal here so the table was dressed that way.  We had salad, mashed potatoes, pot roast with gravy and rosemary chicken, broccoli, peas and then pumpkin cake with maple glaze for dessert.  Everyone said it was yummy!!

Here is one of the place's pretty casual but that is the kind of evening we wanted to have.

I used these beautiful apples for the centerpiece. 

When I set out glasses, I put the type of glasses that were necessary for each person's beverage choice.  Our table is very small and there wasn't room to put extra glasses that wouldn't be used.  After all, it WAS a casual family dinner.
These are pictures that show my mother's silverplate flatware.  This is the silver we used for special occasions when we were growing up.  My sister, who is moving, had it with her and brought it for me  to keep because she knew I was the most likely to use it.  I thought it would be fitting to use it for this dinner.  I have no idea what the pattern is (it says 1881 Rogers and Oneida Ltd. on the underside of it).  If anyone knows, I'd love to hear from you!!!! (Bill?????????)

Dessert was laid out on the buffet.
This is the table and the buffet view.  Pictures always make our dining room look much larger!

The name "cards" are silky leaves that I found and wrote names on.  I love oak leaves!  Dinner was fun and it was wonderful to all be together before she went on her way.

So away she goes on her new adventure!!!!! 

Now for the "dish" on the dishes:
  • The plates are our everyday "Gibson" dishes and the salad bowls are from another Gibson set
  • All of the glasses are Waterford Marquis and another company:
  • The table cloth and the napkins is from Linens and Things; the placement in the center of the table is from TJ Maxx last week (I found matching napkins this week!)
  • I put the apples in a cut glass bowl that was my mother's
  • The silverplate was my mother's as well.  I have been polishing that silver and setting tables with it since I was a little girl
  • The dessert plates are from TJ Maxx about six months ago.  I love the square shape!!
  • Those cute little silky leaves in the centerpiece and used as place cards are from the dollar store.  There were about a million on the package!


  1. So pretty! I am sure she will remember this for some time! Those cake on the side table look delicious! Love the apple centerpiece. I have the Gibson fruit dishes too, I love seeing them with the other pattern you have. Very nice!

  2. Love your stemware! Actually, I think the whole table is really pretty with the white against the linens and runner. The little leaf place cards are so cute too.

    I'm sure the whole evening was perfect and memorable! What a NICE thing to do for your sister.

  3. Your table is lovely. What a beautiful setting for a send off and how to that you ended up with the silver. It's really wonderful.

  4. How fun, what a wonderful dinner. I really love the tablecloth. My sister needs to search for Damask Rose as she has lost some - probably in the trash. Hope it was wonderful.

  5. Oh, I know you and your sisters had fun together! My sisters and I certainly do! Your table looked perfect for the send-off dinner. I love the rich color of the linens and the leaves and apples added a wonderful touch of fall. If Bill doesn't recognize your mother's silver pattern, I've had good luck sending a photo to and asking them. Thanks for visiting my table this week!

  6. What a lovely setting! Love your crystal glasses & those candle holders. Stunning!

    Happy TS Day!

    Greetings from a chilly Stockholmer,

  7. Tess, what a lovely sister you have to give you the flatware. I love your new square plates too. I have a buffet and one day I was straightening it out and I pulled on it and thought I had broke it...LOL! It was the part that was supposed to pull out for serving. I have had it for over three years and didn't know it was there! I need to use it for dessert serving like you did. Joni

  8. Hi Tess,
    I think such a wonderful send off dinner is a good start for a new adventures. She will always remember it and feel the love of her sister. Your table is so charming with this sunny golden colors. I love that.
    Wish you and your sister all the best.

  9. Beautiful table, love the paisley topper. I have those same little red plates you have stacked for dessert.
    It is sad when a sister moves to another area, but it gives you a new place to visit!

  10. What a wonderful send off dinner! I'm sure you sister enjoyed the time with sisters. How pretty you've set the table for fall. You'll have to blog all about your next visit to see her!

  11. You honored you dear sister with a wonderful dinner served on a lovely autumn tablescape. I know that it was hard to let her drive away. You'll have a marvelous adventure getting acquainted with New Mexico. It is lovely, even as parts of it are quite rustic. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  12. Hi Tess, thanks for your sweet visit! I love your table, all the colors go so great together, especially those dessert plates with the paisley, I love it! Also loved the napkin rings and leaf placecards! We have a black cat as well, she's very tempermental but lovable, I need to put her picture on my blog!! Thanks for sharing!! Good luck to your sister!

  13. Hi so glad to get your comment I was so excited. I don't have such elegant dishes . Your table is simple beautiful. I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers so know how you feel. We are very close.I live alone with my dogs. I see you have furry kids too.

  14. Hi Tess. Thanks for stopping by. My dogsloveto dress up. They are Mr and Mrs clause. Peppys dress doesn't show well but is really cute. Great you can work from home. My son wanted to do that but didn't work out. He works for dot in design. I live alone so set table for only two one for and one for you. Did you scroll down foe halloween table?