Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Search for "Damask Rose"

I've been at this for a few months now and am enjoying being part of this party and I love visiting your tables and reading your comments!!!  This week is more of a "conceptual" post for a few reasons and so will be short"er" and sweet....
1.  The quest for Damask Rose sterling (gee...I feel like a BRIDE!) has resulted in some great purchases on ebay
2.  My younger sister is coming for a few days before she moves to New Mexico and I want to spend LOADS of time with her, since I don't know when I will see her again  >sniff<

Anyway...I have acquired more pieces and wanted to present some of them in a different context.  

This is one of my standard four piece place settings...I now actually have NINE place settings!!!!...well, at least after the last few arrive in the mail.

Here is it within the context of linens and china.

Here are the only service pieces that I have at the my opinion, these are essential pieces.  I love this monogrammed tea towel.  AND...our last name actually starts with an "H". 

I just LOVE lemon forks!!!  The next items that I will be looking for are cream soup spoons and flat butter spreaders...I think they add such elegance to a table.

Paragon "Victoriana Rose" played a supporting role in this vignette.  This is one of my favorite china patterns. 

Now for the dish on the dishes...
  • "Damask Rose" far all from ebay and for very good prices!
  • Paragon "Victoriana Rose"...I have been collecting this for several years. This china also works well with my Royal Albert "Val D'or" plates.
  • The "H" monogrammed tea towel is from ebay and it was quite a bargain.
  • The white china teapot is from "Tea with Grace", which is a great website with lovely offerings.
  • This vignette was set on my dining room buffet which I found at a house sale MANY years ago.
Thank you for coming by and I will see you at your tables!!!



  1. What a lovely sterling pattern and looks gorgeous with your china.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  2. I love your damask rose pattern and think it's definitely worth the hunt!

  3. Tess, I am crushing on your server pieces and you KNOW that I have the same pattern so we might be bidding against each other...LOL! I'm hosting a $65 CSN giveaway, you might want to sign up. Joni

  4. That tea towel is beautiful!!! I miss the days when decorative items like that were the norm! P.S. - I hope you and your sister have a good visit and that you can get together again soon! Mine lives in Minnesota, and we only see each other once or twice a year. :-(

  5. Looks like your hunt is going well!! I also love finding those serving pieces. I could not get butter spreaders in my pattern because it's so old, so I got sterling and mother of pearl ones to use. I did find a master butter knife though. That is such a beautiful pattern!!

  6. Lovely post. Beautiful monogrammed towel! Good luck finding the additional Damask Rose pieces!

  7. Your china is gorgeous and the silver looks great with it.
    Have a wonderful time with your sister, Tess.

  8. How much fun to collect sterling! The Damask rose is the perfect complement to your beautiful rose china! I love the monogrammed tea towel, too; our last name also begins with an H!

  9. Oh my goodness! how lovely is this?! That sterling is gorgeous with the Damask rose pieces. What a stunning table you will have!

  10. Damask Rose really is a stunning pattern! Good choice! Yours looks so pretty all polished and displayed on the tea towel. I agree -- lemon forks are adorable!

  11. I love anything with roses, so you can guess that I am in love with your flatware and china! So very pretty. I don't blame you for searching eBay for more!

    Life on the Edge

  12. I used to be one of those people who would go out and buy a whole collection of something all at the same time. I made myself change my modus operandi, and I've learned to buy things one or a few at a time. I'm so glad that I did makes building a collection so much sweeter. Your Damask Rose is lovely, and it is perfect with your china. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. Wow you have been very busy finding your pieces. They are quite lovely. I think the treasure hunt is almost as much fun as the end result.. have fun..